Chelsea Angelo – Phillip Island Preview

It’s finally here – round 3 of the Shannons Nationals’ Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge at Phillip Island. I’m so eager to get back behind the wheel this weekend, especially after the crash at Sandown, I feel like I have a point to prove and am really keen on bagging some decent results.

Apart from the accident at Sandown, over all our weekend had been pretty good. We managed to come away with a 2nd place in the first race – which I was so happy and excited about. It was one of my best achievements with Wall Racing and it made me want more!

During the second race, I started on the first row of the grid but unfortunately half way through the race after I caught up to the leader, I pushed a little too hard and took the corner a little deeper than usual. I came out wide on one of the apexes and from there I was just a passenger when the car went on the grass. I hit the wall, resulting in the car being a complete write off, which was pretty devastating and frustrating. I felt really bad for the team, the sponsors and my fans, but unfortunately that’s motorsport – you go through some pretty bad lows!

We were lucky enough to find a new chassis in the country – and so the crew were able to keep most of the parts from my old car and rebuild it into the new shell.

I’m so thankful to the crew at Wall Racing for getting the car up and running again for the next round and also my sponsors for all their support!

My history at Phillip Island is pretty good, I managed to score a lap record in my Formula Ford – which I was pretty excited about. I don’t hold that current lap record any more, but it’s certainly a confidence booster knowing I’ve cut a few laps around the circuit. I’ve also won a few races in the Formula 3 there, as well as had some decent results in the Dunlop Series. So, I’m going into this weekend feeling really comfortable, I’m super pumped!

Phillip Island is a very fast flowing track in comparison to all the other circuits around the country. For me personally, I like these sorts of tracks. It kind of reminds me of what Tailem Bend is like. The Island is definitely one of my top 3 favourites!

It has long, fast, flowing corners as well as a couple of high braking corners – but majority of the track is very fast. It’s great because there are plenty of over taking opportunities too, so it makes for some great racing!

Race starts were something that I was looking to improve on and I can say from Sandown they were actually really good. Before Sandown I was constantly on the simulator just practicing the motion of coming off the clutch and getting onto the throttle and aiming to do it a lot quicker.

Although it’s not the real deal, it certainly helped to improve my starts and at Sandown they all came naturally, which was really exciting to see, so I’m hoping I can continue that same momentum and get some good starts this weekend!

After Sandown I was straight back into my training. I was keen to get back into the routine again and to also get my mind off the crash. I’ve also been doing lots of laps on the simulator as well as a lot of gym work and following my program from Josh from Webb Performance. I’m feeling ready to go both mentally and physically – I can’t wait to hit the track for the first practice session on Friday 1 June at 11:10am.

Hope to see you there!


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  1. Aaron Mordue
    Aaron Mordue says:

    Looking forward to see you out on track. We’ve had a good amount of rain Wednesday, so the green stuff is going to be very slick. If any one leaves the track it going to be very tricky.


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