Chelsea Angelo – QR Preview

I’m REALLY eager to get back into the Porsche for this weekend at Ipswich! It’s been an 8-week break since Phillip Island, so I’m definitely keen to get back out there!

I’ve really stepped things up in terms of my preparation. I have never felt this confident within myself heading into a race weekend. During the 8-week break not only have I stepped up my physical training with my performance coach – Josh Webb, but I’ve also gone and seen a sports psychologist who has helped me with a variety of things from my mental attitude to the way in which I think about going into a race weekend.

The psychologist has been really helpful in getting my mind back on track, assisting in training my mind in not letting me over think things or worry about what’s going to come next or what’s going to happen. I’ve been practicing on some tools that I’ll be using this weekend to help prepare myself mentally. So I feel really, really confident in that department.

I’ve also stepped up my physical training with Webb Performance and I’ve been doing a lot of simulator training too (in a Porsche of course!), so everything seems to be going along really well!

I’ve been to QR once only, which was in 2014 when I was racing in the Formula 3 Championship. We had a pretty good result there. The track looks pretty simple on paper, but when you’re racing it – it’s a lot more technical; I can’t wait to hit it!

This weekend will also see a 60-minute session for Race 1, which I’m really excited about. I feel ready for it, had it been a couple of years ago that may not have been the case, but now I feel like my physical and mental state is so ready to tackle the longer stint for this weekend.

We all know that with a longer endurance race anything can happen as well so it’ll be good to see who will be strong at the start, who will be strong in the middle and obviously who will be strong at the end – which I’m hoping it’ll be me!

I’m currently sitting fifth in the Championship, so I’m really looking forward to gaining some more valuable points to hopefully get up there a bit further in the points standings. We’ve been having pretty good runs, it was a shame what happened at Sandown, but otherwise, we’re going into this round on a real positive note.

My aim and goal for this weekend is to snatch a podium for the round, I feel like I’m real close and it would be so nice to spray some champagne by the end of the weekend!

Keep up to date throughout the weekend via my Facebook page, @ChelseaAngeloRacing as well as the Shannons Nationals Facebook page, @TheNationals.

I look forward to seeing you at the track!


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