Chelsea Angelo – Winton Preview

I’m super pumped to get back into my Porsche GT3 Cup at Winton this weekend.

We had a really good result at Queensland Raceway, so we’re hoping to keep that rhythm this weekend. In between rounds I’ve been training everyday, I’ve got a new simulator at home, so I’ve been getting on and doing lots of laps of the track.

I’ve also continued to see my sports psychologist, who has been helping me immensely. I feel like he was beneficial for me personally before QR as he helped me to manage ways in how I can calm myself before and during the race and I feel he has given me more confidence in my racing too.

I’ve also seen a chiropractor, which has been working on my back. There’s nothing worse than having pain when you’re getting in and out of the car, so it’s important that as racecar drivers, we stay in touch with our body and ensure we keep as fit and healthy as we can.

I still obviously have my day-to-day job – so that’s also been keeping me busy too! I feel like the busier I am, the better my headspace is going into a race weekend.

I have cut plenty of laps around Winton and my results have been pretty good in the past, so I’m hopeful of a successful weekend. The first time I was at Winton is when I was in Formula Ford, when I was 16. Since then I’ve also raced there in the Formula 3, the Development Series and now I’m back there in the Porsche – so I’ve definitely have plenty of experience around there and I know the track like the back of my hands.

Winton Raceway is quite old in comparison to some of the newer tracks we go to, like Phillip Island and The Bend for example – but it’s also very technical but I’m really focused ahead of this weekend and will be giving it my all!

I think if we can get a similar result as to what we did at Queensland Raceway and place inside the top 5, with a podium or at least finish with consistent results, I think that will be really good for us. I’m currently 5th in the Championship standings and we’re not far off 4th. If we can continue to be consistent throughout rounds and have strong results, I think we can give it a good red-hot crack!

A huge thanks to all my sponsors as well as the crew at David Wall Racing for their hard work and commitment in putting together a great car ahead of this weekend.

I can’t wait to hit the track for Practice 1 on Friday 31st August at 12:10pm.



Race Schedule

Friday August 31
12:10pm Practice 1 (30 minutes)
3:05pm Practice 2 (30 minutes)

Saturday September 01
10:10am Qualifying (20 minutes)
1:15pm Race 1 (35 laps)

Sunday September 02
9:00am Race 2 (12 laps)
11:55am Race 3 (12 laps)

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